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Sidewalk repairs around Siouxland help pedestrians stay safe

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) –  Sioux City officials are expanding the time residents have to fix their defective sidewalks.

The Sidewalk Program in Sioux City was put into place to help keep the sidewalks safe for pedestrians.   Officials say after a person has a notice for sidewalk repair, they had 30 days to fix the problem.                     But this year, the city is giving residents until next May to get these repairs done.

City Engineer Gordon Phair says keeping the sidewalks in good shape benefits everyone.

“The elderly, children, disabled people rely on the smoother sidewalks so that they all have a safe way to get around the city,” said Phair

Phair adds residents can fix many of the problems by themselves without having to call a contractor.                  A zone map and more information about the Sidewalk Program can be found by clicking here. 

Emily Schrad

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