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Siouxland Expo Center breaks ground in Sioux City stockyards

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Ground has been broken for the Siouxland Expo Center, a new multi-purpose venue in Sioux City’s stockyards area.

According to the Siouxland Expo Center Board, the building will provide space for recreational, agricultural, and community events.

A project that has been in the works for more than a decade, according to the Siouxland Expo Center Board President, has finally had a groundbreaking.

According to the board, the Siouxland Expo Center will be over 100,000 square feet and hopes to provide space for recreational activities and community events.

“We can roll the turf up, and we can have expo events. Like home shows, equipment shows, and farm shows. Things that bring business into Sioux City, and tourists into Sioux City. That’s the idea of it,” said Dirk Lohry, the Siouxland Expo Center Board President.

The Expo Center Board says the project is funded by public contributions, private sponsorships, and grants.

Lohry also says this will be the largest enclosed exhibition area in this region, and that we need this type of facility to expand and improve our city.

“I’m also excited to see if we can get a big show, like the homes show or boat show. Where we usually have to go to Sioux Falls or Omaha. They have facilities like this, and now we have one, and we can compete with them,” said Lohry.

City officials say the Expo Center will be another great quality of life amenity, and it will benefit so many people.

“It’s up there with the Sioux City Museum, Sioux City Art Center, everything that we have to offer that will keep giving back to Sioux Cityans for decades to come,” said Dan Moore, Mayor Pro Tem.

Lohry says they hope to have construction finished, and open to the public, by the summer of 20-20.

The Siouxland Expo Center was originally planned to include an equestrian center.

According to Lohry, those plans changed, in order for the project to be an economical facility that would create a ‘positive cash flow.’

What began as the “Bomgaars Ag Expo and Learning Center” worth $15 million has become the $12 million “Siouxland Expo Center.”

The primary difference is the removal of the equestrian warm-up area, and stalls for horses.

Unchanged is the location in Sioux City’s Stockyards area.

Leslie London

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