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Public voices opinions on bike lanes along Hamilton Blvd.


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) –  City developers making plans for purposed bike lanes, along Hamilton Boulevard, in Sioux City.

But, it’s not a done deal, and some residents along the proposed route oppose the move.

During a public meeting Tuesday night, plans for the five-foot-wide bicycle lanes were discussed.

They would be added on each side of Hamilton Boulevard… from Stone Park Boulevard to Outer Drive.

The plans would cut Hamilton Boulevard from four lanes of traffic to three lanes.

That would mean one northbound lane, one southbound lane, and a turning lane.

Developers say by eliminating the combination of trail and bike lanes, the move reduces the cost.

But those living along Hamilton Boulevard say it’s not a good idea.

“We have a lot of impatient drivers, especially on Hamilton. It’s a busy artery in the north side of town,” said Josh Nelson, who lives on Hamilton Boulevard. “I don’t know how you can slow… you can slow it down to a degree… but I don’t think you’re going to be able to slow it down significant enough where you’re going to have bicyclists using Hamilton.”

“My main concern is the safety of the bicyclists,” said Dan Garman, who lives on Hamilton Blvd. “As I told them tonight, remember tonight, when I tell you when the first fatality happens on Hamilton. Remember this night. Please move this to somewhere else.”

Many local cyclists attended tonight’s meeting to show their support for the proposed plan.

“I know there are not as many cyclists as there are motorists,” said Tom McGaffey, Sioux City Cyclist. “But cyclists also have the right of the road too, we do share the road.”

Sioux City Council member Pete Groetken was at tonight’s public meeting.

He encouraged the people, who attended tonight’s meeting, to come to the council to voice their opinions on the matter.


SIOUX CITY (KTIV) –  Bicycle-enthusiasts once again have a chance to have their voices heard on purposed bike lanes along Hamilton Boulevard.

Back in October, the Sioux City Parks and Recreation Department proposed an 8-foot-wide trail along Hamilton Boulevard from Stone Park Boulevard to 36th Street.

It would have also included five-foot bicycle lanes on each side of Hamilton from 36th Street to Outer Drive.

However, after a public meeting, last fall plans changed.

“Somebody brought the suggestion at taking a look at doing all on-street versus doing a combination of trail and on street,” said Matt Salvatore, Sioux City Parks and Recreation Director, “So we actually did a traffic study and we determined that it is possible to do all on street. So we are looking at having a bike lane all way from Stone Park Boulevard all the way to Outer Drive.”

The five-foot-wide bicycle lanes would be on each side of Hamilton Boulevard from Stone Park to Outer Drive.
“The bike lane would connect to the Perry Creek Trail System at Hamilton and Stone Park Boulevards,” said Michelle Schoening.

The bicycle lanes would reduce Hamilton Boulevard, from Stone Park to Country Club Boulevard, from four-lanes of traffic to three; one north and southbound lane and then a turning lane.

Salvatore says by eliminating the combo of the trail and bike lanes it actually scales down the cost.

“By removing sidewalks and adding a trail, that’s fairly expensive moving some light poles,” said Salvatore, “Just by modifying the street itself, adding some paint and bike lanes doing some traffic adjustments actually reduces the cost of the project.”

Salvatore says the bike lanes would bridge between the Perry Creek and Floyd River Trails.

Salvatore says they’re still in the design phase and are looking for more public input since the design changed.

There will be a second public meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m.

It’ll be inside council chambers on the 5th floor of city hall.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Jennifer Lenzini

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