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Pig Pals: educating kids all about pigs

MOVILLE, Iowa (KTIV) – The Woodbury County Fairgrounds have turned pig and kid-friendly.

Ten 4-H students are part of a program called “Pig Pals”, which is designed to expose youngsters to everything involved in taking pigs from the farm to the table.
The program is a group effort between I-S-U Extension, 4-H, Seaboard Triumph, and a local farmer.
Part of the program includes teaching the children how to show their pigs at the fair.

“It teaches them something bigger than themselves. It teaches them responsibility and to care for something that can’t do it for themselves.” said Allison Hoy, 4H Livestock Program Assistant

Next week, Seaboard Triumph, who paid for the kids’ entry fees into the program, will conduct a presentation about the processing of locally-raised pork.
Before getting involved in the program, pigs were just animals on the farm to the kids.
Now, they get to learn more about them.

“A Hamshire pig. I learned that it has a white belt around it’s back shoulders and its front two legs.” said Kadyn Volkert, 4H Pig Pals Participant

The 10 children participating in the Pig Pals program will actually show their pigs on August 1st, during the Woodbury County Fair.

Travis Hoffer

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