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Woodbury County joins Rolling Hills Community Services region on July 1st

SIOUX CITY (KTIV)- In less than a week, Woodbury County will join seven other Iowa counties in the Rolling Hills Community Services region.

County leaders voted to leave the Sioux Rivers Mental Health region in 2017.

With the new partnership, the county will have more authority to spend more money on mental health services.
County leaders say the new coverage will come with an added benefit not previously available in Woodbury County.

Rolling Hills is looking to expand its core services, including mobile response.

A task force from the 8 counties in the group is looking at an idea called “mobile crisis response.”

“Residents and people that are in the mental health system won’t notice much of a change,” said Keith Radig, Woodbury County Board of Supervisors Chairman. “It’ll allocate more money for services overall and I think it’ll be a better fit for Woodbury County moving forward.”

Sioux Rivers will continue to exist and will add Lyon County.

Woodbury County officially joins Rolling Hills on July 1st.

Jennifer Lenzini

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