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68-year-old rescued after being in the Big Sioux River for up to 8 hours, officials say

PLYMOUTH COUNTY, Iowa (KTIV) – A man was recused from the Big Sioux River after being in there for up to eight hours.

The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office says they were notified of a man in the Big Sioux River, in southwest Plymouth County, just north of the Jefferson Bridge.

Officials say when they arrived, the found Steven Sands, 68, from Chatsworth, Iowa about chest-deep in the Big Sioux.

Officials say a passerby was able to get Sands a rope.

Sands was later rescued safely by the Akron Fire Department and was taken to the hospital.

His condition at the time is unknown.

The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind people that they should activate the 911 system immediately during an emergency situation.

Jennifer Lenzini

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