Flood relief supporters come together to help affected communities

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BLOOMFIELD, Nebraska (KTIV) –  People in and around Boyd and Knox counties in Nebraska on Sunday surrounded residents there with love and support.

Supporters came together to let those Siouxanders know they are not alone, as they fight to come back from the devastating floods that tore up their surroundings and disrupted their lives this past Spring.

After floods devastated Boyd and Knox counties earlier this year, a fundraiser was held on Sunday at the Knox County Fairgrounds, in the American Legion Pavilion.

Free will donations paid for entry fees, lunch and dinner.

“Every body from – not just from Bloomfield, but from all over. There’s people from Madison, I believe there’s people from Lincoln and Omaha that are coming or are here. They’re from small communities like Verdigre and Niobrara, and Lynch, Creighton. They’re from all over,” said co-organizer Shirley Cobb.

A lot of people showed up and the two communities are grateful.

While donations alone won’t cover the total costs of country road repair, the hope is to cover a small share.

Organizers say if the fundraiser covers even 12.5 of the total costs, the state will match the amount and FEMA will take care of the rest.

“There’s a lot of people that are depressed and we need to be there for them. That is what makes Nebraska strong. We really, truly, care about our neighbor. So come on out Sunday and just show up,” said Co-Organizer Laurie Larsen.

Organizers say there are eight bridges out in Knox County, and about 150 miles of asphalt must be repaired.

In additions to the free will donations that will cover some of those costs, there was a silent auction.

Various bands performed throughout the day.

“Today has been overwhelming, just, even working with the people trying to get stuff for the silent auctions, it’s just breaks my heart for all of this. My heart goes out to everybody out there,” said Shirley Cobb.

A few kind hearts who showed up on this Sunday, hopefully will help ease some of the pain.

Libbie Randall

Libbie Randall

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