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HEALTHBEAT 4: Medically Integrated Dispensary

SIOUX CITY (KTIV)- The process of ordering your prescriptions and picking them up can be tedious at times.

A dispensary at the June E. Nylen Cancer Center makes getting oral medication for cancer treatment, a whole lot easier.

The Medically Integrated Dispensary, or MID, inside of the June E. Nylen Cancer Center is designed to help patients with their oral cancer treatment.

“We are able to fill the medications for the patient, instead of sending it out to a mail-order pharmacy,” said Marsha Sneller, Pharmacy Technician, June E. Nylen Cancer Center. “Whereas it’s actually cutting down the time of waiting for the patient to actually start their treatment.”

Any patient that is seen at the cancer center or one of their satellite clinics can obtain a prescription from the MID.

“We can do anything from the Oncolytics, the high-price chemotherapy drugs, to nausea medications, numbing agent cream for your port access,” adds Sneller.

Sneller says a patient never has to worry about talking to multiple entities regarding their oral medication —

The MID is there to save you time, as it eliminates the travel time needed to go to another pharmacy.

“The doctors, if they think that you need to be on an antibiotic because you are sick, you can actually pick it up before you even leave the clinic,” said Sneller. “Saves you time, saves you the exhaustion of going to another pharmacy or going out in public when you just don’t feel good already.”

Sneller specializes in oncology, making the prescription process for the patient more hands-on and personal.

“I am that go-to person as far as from start to finish,” adds Sneller. “I will put in the prior authorization, then I will reach out to the patient- and again I am that point of contact so that patient knows that they’re only going to be talking to me in regards to their oral medication.”

Since opening in August of 2017, the MID has filled more than 250 oral chemo prescriptions to date.

Prescriptions can be picked up from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

For more information on the Medically Integrated Dispensary, click here.

Jennifer Lenzini

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