Soldier, IA woman granted protection order against husband accused of shooting her

SOLDIER, Iowa (KTIV) – A Soldier, Iowa, woman has been granted a protection order against her husband who is accused of shooting her.

According to court documents, the 1-year order for Jackie Krier was placed on 50-year-old Brian Krier on July 1.

Around 5 p.m. on May 22, the Monona County Sheriff’s office was called to the couple’s home in Soldier after a report of a shooting. According to the sheriff’s office, it was there they found Jackie had suffered a gunshot wound after Brian had mistaken her for a possible intruder.

According to court documents filed on June 10, on the day of the shooting Jackie claims Brian had been hallucinating for several days, which she said the hallucinations had been on and off for five years.

In the same documents, she said he was hallucinating that people were on the property and he wanted her to check to see if anyone was there. She said when she came back to tell him no one was there, the door was locked.

In those documents, she claims she yelled for him to unlock the door. She then leaned against the house door when he shot through a window. She said the shot shattered her scapula, cracked her collarbone, went through her lung and stopped right by her heart. She said the bullet remains in here because it is too close to the heart to remove it.

Back in September of 2015, Brian shot out a tire of his wife’s vehicle while she and one of her children were in it. He pled guilty to reckless use of a firearm in the case. According to court documents, he was discharged from probation in September of 2017.

In a filing in Monona County District Court, a temporary protection order for two health care workers has also been placed on Brian.

According to court documents, Brian was a patient at Burgess Health Center between May 25 and May 29 under a court order for a mental health evaluation and placement for mental health treatment.

According to a protection order application, Brian said he was upset at one of the nurses attending to him and wanted to kill her. He also offered to pay one of the nurses to kill her. The filing also claims he said he wanted to kill another nurse that was attending to him and said she “just needs to die.”

The filing also claims one of the nurses was “brainwashing” his children into signing court documents to keep him at the center, and he threatened to throw himself out of his bed and sue the center.

Blake Branch

Blake Branch

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