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Sioux City businesses concerned by upcoming closure of 11th Street

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – As the weather heats up, so does the amount of construction being done and drivers in Sioux City will soon have another closure to deal with.

City Engineers said 11th Street from Floyd Boulevard to Steuben Street will be closed from July 24th until August 31st.

Right now one of the lanes of the road is currently closed as Cargill does work on 11th Street.

But, next week, that road will be completely closed as they work on a major project.

David Carney is the Director of Public Works for Sioux City.

He said the city has worked to do what they can to notify businesses in that area and include them on signage for detours.

“Be patient,” Carney said. “Everyone is trying to get along down there. I think Cargill has tried to be a good neighbor and notify, like they did file their permit very early. The businesses were contacted back in March regarding the initial permit application. It’s not unusual for them to have to close the street in order to do maintenance on their facility.”

But, some businesses in that area worry what the construction will do for them.

Rick Coury’s business Alignment Specialists sits on the corner of 11th and Steuben.

He said it’s conveniently located for those getting off the interstate, but this closure changes that.

“You take away a main road to your business, its horrible,” Coury said. “It’s very, it’s frustrating. It hurts you financially and I have other families here to feed. I care about my people and I want to stay busy.”

Coury said the situation has been frustrating for him because he said he was getting different information from the city on the closure.

Carney said businesses were notified earlier this year.

Michaela Feldmann

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