GELITA factory expands facility in Sergeant Bluff

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SERGEANT BLUFF, IA (KTIV) – The GELITA factory near Sergeant Bluff is expanding its facility.

The new site is expected to increase production capacity by thirty percent.

GELITA has had a presence near Sergeant Bluff since the late 1960s.

Company managers say they now employ around 300 people with the new expansion.

The new facility is thirty thousand square feet, and will focus on the production of collagen peptides.

But when it comes to the expansion, a big factor on the decision to expand the plant is the Siouxland location.

“The global headquarters based in Germany appreciates the facility here, South of Sergeant Bluff, as having great infrastructure, having a great workforce, and the reliability of raw materials.” said Lara Niemann, marketing director.

The plant near Sergeant Bluff produces gelatin and collagen peptides from animal byproducts.

Those ingredients are found in many of the products we use every day.

First, let’s talk about gelatin.

It is something you’ve probably heard of, but did you know just how common this ingredient really is in the products you use everyday?

Gelatin is a gelling agent found in certain foods, including gelatin desserts, pastries, marshmallows.

It can also be found in some household items including candles and glossy photo paper.

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, it is used for hard capsule and gel casings.

Collagen peptides have many functions, including providing the skin with structure, and strengthening the bones.

They can be found in  many items including some protein powders, protein bars, dietary supplements that support hair, skin, and nail health, and even in some sports drinks.

Both products are sent around the world from the plant right here in Siouxland.

And the future is bright for both products made at GELITA.

The company says U.S. and global market trends currently predict an increase in demand especially for collagen peptides.

“As we age, our ability to produce collagen diminishes. So what our products do is stimulate the body to produce those collagen proteins again.” said Pablo Sibler, General Manager.

According to GELITA, 30% of our body is composed of collagen.

It supports the body’s connective tissues.

“It will target specific parts of your body, to make you feel stronger, to make you feel younger, and to make you feel no pain.” said Sibler.

Common products with collagen peptides include certain face creams, protein candy bars, and dietary supplements.

Leslie London

Leslie London

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