Warren outlines plan to “rein in” Wall Street during Sioux City stop

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) – “This is our moment in history.” That was U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s message to supporters during a campaign stop in Sioux City.

During her town hall meeting, on the Morningside College campus, the democratic presidential candidate said government works well for corporations, drug companies, and the wealthy. She then outlined her plan to “Rein In Wall Street.” The plan, which Warren introduced Thursday, calls for the reinstatement of a “modern” Glass-Steagall Act. It would wall off commercial from investment banks. It would also and hold private equity firms liable for debts and pension promises made by the companies they buy up. “2020 is about is going to be about making Washington, D.C. work for everyone else in this country,” said Elizabeth Warren, (D) Presidential Candidate.

She used Sears, Toys-R-Us and ShopKo as examples of businesses that went bankrupt after being bought by private equity firms. Before her trip to Sioux City, Warren was in Washington, and stood with ShopKo workers as she introduced a plan called the “Stop Wall Street Looting Act”. “We need big structural change in this country, and it starts by attacking the corruption head on,” Warren said.

Ending that corruption is just one of three goals Warren has if she’s elected. The others include structured change in the economy, and protecting democracy.

Matt Breen

Matt Breen

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