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Sioux City leaders approve zoning proposals for Ickey Nickel, give update on rat issue in Leeds

SIOUX CITY (KTIV)- Monday night, Sioux City Council Members vote on camping regulations at the Ickey Nickel.

In June, the council got a complaint about people camping where they weren’t supposed to, near the bar and grill.

At a council meeting last month, the council and owner of the Ickey Nickel came up with an agreement to solve the issue.

The owner said he would turn in a new zoning proposal to the council.

Monday night, the City Council approved the requested rezoning.

“The council and staff and the owner of the Ickey Nickel worked as we said we would and accomplished what needed to be done,” said Mayor Bob Scott, Sioux City. “So I think that it shows that we can do things around here that are beneficial to property owners.”

Also Monday night. city leaders heard an update on the 2020 Census, and the development of a 2020 Census Action Plan.

Mayor Bob Scott says, there are things that need to happen before the census comes out.

“I hope we hire 5 or 6 different interns from different ethnic backgrounds to work with the census workers to be in those neighborhoods, caution the people that it’s not a bad thing to do, and I hope we get a good count. A lack of a good count is a big deal money-wise to this community.”

The mayor also commented on recent complaints that rodents have taken over at least one yard on 46th street court in the northside neighborhood.

People there say they’ve done what they can to take matters into their own hands, waging war on the rats by laying out the poison.

But they say it’s gotten so bad, they won’t let their kids play outside in the yard.

Mayor Scott says city leaders are continuing to do what they can to safely remove the rats.

Jennifer Lenzini

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