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Grillin’ With News 4: Pork Chops

(KTIV) – The Plymouth County Fair in Le Mars, Iowa, is officially underway.

And while many people are flocking to the Ice Cream Capital of the World for the five-day event, something a bit more savory will be on a lot of people’s minds: pork chops.

One of the fair’s biggest food claims to fame is the Pork Chop in a Glove.

Bill Tentinger with the Plymouth County Porker Producers said grilling pork can be a simple process.

If you are cooking your pork chop on the grill, get the grill to around 450 degrees. This way you get a good initial sear on the chop. Let it cook for about five minutes before you turn it.

When it comes to how to season the meat, he said it’s up to your taste.

“The seasoning is up to the individual,” he said. “Its all in what you would like to have. That’s the thing about pork. It’s very versatile. You can do many things with that because it is such a neutral flavor to start with.”

To learn more about the Iowa Pork Producers Association, including several recipes for pork, click here. 

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