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Nebraska State Patrol demonstrates the Seat Belt Convincer at Science & Ag Field Day

NEAR CONCORD, Nebraska (KTIV) – The Nebraska State Patrol was on hand at Haskell Lab Science and Ag Field Day on Wednesday to demonstrate the importance of seat belts.

The Seat Belt Convincer lets people experience what the impact of a crash feels like at roughly five miles per hour.

While the speed may seem low, authorities say its enough to prove a point – you don’t want to be in a crash at a higher rate of speed without a seatbelt.

Trooper Charlie Cook says they are always looking for ways to improve safety for drivers.

“We are always trying to do whatever we can to reduce fatalities and traffic fatalities in the state of Nebraska as much as possible. Wearing your seatbelt is only going to up your chances of surviving the crash,” said Cook.

Cook says they have had the Seat Belt Convincer for several years, and have had very good feedback from people that have experienced it.

Brett Funke

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