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Hinton, Iowa Fire Department buys new gear with grant from Firehouse Subs

HINTON, Iowa (KTIV) – The fire department in Hinton, Iowa was able to buy new gear thanks to a large grant from Firehouse Subs.

The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, which awards grants to fire departments and other emergency services, awarded the Hinton Fire Department $22,500.

The Hinton Fire Department says the grant was required to help buy some much needed gear.

“It was a big relief,” says Chad Beck, Chief of the Hinton Fire Department. “Our gear is required by law to be replaced every ten years. We had some gear we replaced that was only nine years old, but we had some that were ten. So, it was just time that we do it all.”

The Hinton Fire Department bought turnout gear with the grant. Turnout gear are the suits used to fight fires.

Out of 17 new suits, 15 were bought with the grant from Firehouse Subs. Without the grant, the fire department would have had to buy the suits one at a time.

Connor Foster

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