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Hog producers prepare for potential African Swine Fever

LE MARS, Iowa (KTIV) –  The Iowa pork industry, and Iowa State University Extension, teamed up, today, to host a workshop on a new animal disease.

Their goal was to teach hog producers how to prevent, and prepare for, African Swine Fever among pigs in the US.

While there are no current cases of African Swine Fever in the US, hog producers want to be prepared if it does make its way to their farm.

The workshop, today, included seminars on what to expect during a foreign animal outbreak, identifying diseases on a farm, and knowing who to contact in that case.

“I think what has brought producers a little bit closer to it was the fact that African Swine Fever got into the country of China in August of 2018 and in a period of about nine months raced across that country. Where that creates concerns for U.S. producers is there’s a fair number of supplies and feed ingredients that we import from that country,” said Iowa State Extension Swine Veterinarian Chris Rademacher.

While ASF is only found in pigs, producers also learned how to prevent, and prepare, in the case of a foot and mouth disease outbreak, or a classical swine fever outbreak.

This is not a human disease.

Humans cannot get it from eating pork.

Producers want to prevent and solve this problem in the best and quickest way possible to keep their livestock from suffering and to stop it from spreading to other animals.

Libbie Randall

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