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New wind farm in progress near Marcus, IA

NEAR MARCUS, Iowa (KTIV) – It was four year ago that officials first met with Marcus, IA farmers to discuss the Glaciers Edge Wind Project.

Now, 82 new wind turbines are being constructed just outside of town.

According to Developers, a group of farmers wanted the wind farm because they said it would benefit the community.
Darrell Downs, Economic Development Director, says the town of Marcus is tuned in on renewable energy.

“It was the farmers that brought it here, which I’m glad of because it’s their project, you know? I think they brought it here basically for the, basically because of tax dollars that would go to the school and of course to the county,” said Downs.

Downs adds that Google has bought the energy that the wind farm will produce. The farm will cover 19,341 acres of land. Developers are hoping to see the project completed by November.

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