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AROUND SIOUXLAND: Le Mars Community Theatre

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) – “My guests today on ‘Around Siouxland’ are from the Le Mars Community Theater,” said Al Joens. “Janelle and Tina welcome to ‘Around Siouxland’. You’ve got a fun Neil Simon production coming up.”

“Yes we do. Our next production is ‘Rumors’ by Neil Simon and it’s a gut-busting comedy that will be fun for everyone.”

“Tina tell us what this is about,” Joens said. “I’ve heard of this production, but I’ve never actually seen it.”

“It’s about an anniversary party that kind of goes awry. The host shoot himself in the ear by mistake, and doesn’t know where his wife is. And, there’s no help around, and so the guests show up, and they’re trying to find out what’s going on. Hijinks ensue and it’s kind of set around the dinner party.

“Is this something for he whole family?” Joens asked.

“Absolutely! It’s slap-stick comedy, very physical, that all would enjoy.”

“Sounds like a good time, and tickets are about to go on sale,” said Joens. “I guess we should mention when it is, too.”

“Yeah, tickets will go on sale to the public on August 2nd. The play opens August 8th runs 8th through the 11th. And, then again on the 16th through the 18th. But, tickets will go on sale to the public on August 2nd.”

“Ok, what do people do to buy tickets Tina?” asked Joens.

“They can either call the box office, and it’s open from 11-2 Monday through Friday, or they can go on our website and buy them online.”

“Okay, if you want to buy them online, and this is going to be going several productions or presentations of the play and it’s at the Postal Playhouse,” Joens said.

“Yes, our physical location is at the Postal Playhouse, which is a great historic building.”

“Has it been fun working on this production getting it ready to go?” asked Joens.

“Oh yes absolutely, and a good workout, too.”

“We’ll find out exactly what you mean when you hit the stage,” Joens said. “Janelle, Tina, thanks for joining us today on Around Siouxland.”

Matt Breen

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