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Train derailment near Doon, IA

NEAR DOON, Iowa (KTIV) – The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office said no one was injured after a train derailed Wednesday night near Doon, Iowa.

It happened on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway about five miles northwest of Hull around 8:30 p.m.

The Sheriff’s Office said approximately 25 of the 83 car train derailed.  It consisted of refrigerated meat, tank, freight, rock, and denatured alcohol products in the cars. The car carrying the denatured alcohol did have a very slow leak, but it was being contained as of early Thursday morning.

“Initial assessment is that there’s not an immediate danger, but they don’t want to have people driving through and causing any fire, any spark, anything like that,” Sioux County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jamie Van Voorst said. “So the crews can get in there and be uninterrupted.”

Captain Van Voorst said as of Thursday morning it doesn’t appear the leak will become a dangerous situation, but crews were on hand in case that changed.

BNSF agents arrived on scene just before 1:00 a.m. Thursday to begin that assessment.

Last June, a train derailed on that same track just a few miles away.

Van Voorst said it is too early to know what the cause of Wednesday night’s derailment was and if the two incidents are connected.

“There’s a creek that’s kind of, there’s little bridges, little farm use bridges,” Van Voorst said. “It’s not roadway bridges down there that the rails run right on. Maybe one of those failed. We’re not sure yet until they get the wreckage lifted up and look at it some more.”

Until the investigation is completed, Van Voorst said the possible connection between the two incidents is pure speculation.

Van Voorst urges people to stay away from the area as crews work to complete that investigation.

Keith W. Bliven

KTIV News Director

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