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Around Siouxland: International Chili Cook-Off

(KTIV) – KTIV’s Al Joens Around Siouxland guest is Christine from Iowa State Extension.

Christine is sharing information about the International Chili Cook-Off event in Sioux City.

Al Joens said, “I love me a good bowl of chili and there’s an International Chili Cook-Off coming up in Sioux City and here to talk about is Christine from Iowa State extension service. Hi Christine.”

Christine said, “Hi Al thank you very much. This is for kids this chili cook-off. It is all youth ages 10-17 and it is a $10 admission fee but if they are a 4-H member they are free for the competition it is a state-wide competition. But this area the Woodbury area will be doing there’s and then all winners from this group of international chili cook-offs will be going to Ankeny in September for the next round of the competition.”

Joens said, “For the state level and you’ve got four categories.”

Christine said, “Four different categories. And it’s for kids ages 10-17 Mom and Dad can be there but hands-off right? Hands-off and there will be lots of activities if the families are there are for other children to do different things and participate and it’s just a fun-filled day.”

Joens said, “Where and when?”

Christine said, “It is on August 25 from 10:30 to 4:30 you need to be there by 10 a.m. to pre-register and then it will be located in the Southern Hills Mall parking lot.”

Joens said, “Ok and people can go online and register ahead of time as well.”

Christine said, “Absolutely they sure can they need to pre-register by August 15 at”

Joens said, “And you’re supplying all the goods and equipment too?”

Christine said, “Everything, yes absolutely everything they’ll have a kitchen when they go online and they pick which category of chili they want to enter in then they can write down what ingredients they need and we supply all the ingredients and all of the aspects of the kitchen that they can cook their chili with yeah it should be a good time. I bet we’ve got some great young chili cooks so come one come all. Yes please, all youth ages 10-17 come join us for this day out at the Southern Hills Mall parking lot. Sounds good. Thank you.”

Joens said, “Thank you, Christine.”

Tia Heidebrecht

KTIV Executive Producer

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