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Stickers for individuals with disabilities or impairments being used to help first responders

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Sioux City Police Department and Fire and Rescue have developed a new program in Sioux City to help those with disabilities or impairments communicate with first responders.

Thanks to an idea proposed by police officer Donette Sassman, the Sioux City Police Department and Sioux City Fire and Rescue are distributing stickers that can be placed on car or house windows.

The stickers are used to warn first responders about individuals with a disability or other challenges, such as deafness, Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, and autism or special needs, .

The police department says officers are already trained to communicate with different types of people, and these stickers can help to identify them.

“If we get out on a traffic stop and we see one of these stickers in a back window of a vehicle, or we go to a call at a house and it’s clearly displayed in the front window of a house, we know automatically that we may need to use some of those skills to communicate with those people” said Sioux City police officer Andrew Dutler.

The stickers are currently available at the Police and Fire headquarters, as well as at Opportunities Unlimited, Mid-Step Services, Alzheimer’s Association, Siouxland District Health Department, Connections Area Agency on Aging, and Disability Resource Center.

Police officers and firefighters will also be given packets of stickers to provide to individuals.


Connor Foster

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