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UPDATE: Temporary bridge at Mormon Canal in Niobrara officially open to traffic


NIOBRARA, Nebraska (KTIV) – Saturday morning the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) announced the 24-foot wide, single-lane temporary bridge over the Mormon Canal in Niobrara officially opened for traffic.

On June 5, NDOR awarded a $44,170,911 contract to Hawkins Construction to begin repair work on the Niobrara River Bridge, and install the temporary bridge as work continues on the permanent bridge.

“Nebraska’s road to recovery continues to move forward and today marks another great milestone in our
state’s efforts to rebuild after the March 2019 floods. The opening of Highway 12 over the Niobrara River
is another key link in establishing connectivity for local residents, the community, travelers, and
commerce in the area, which have all been so profoundly impacted by the flood damage. NDOT’s work
with Benesch and Hawkins Construction on this project has been incredible and our collective efforts are
the reason why today’s announcement is possible,” said Nebraska Gov.  Pete Ricketts in a news release.

A community event will be held on Tuesday to mark the reopening of Highway 12. The event will be held on the west end of the Mormon Canal Bridge just east of where the temporary road diverges to the bridge.


NIOBRARA, Nebraska – (KTIV) Late Friday evening the Nebraska Department of Transportation was able to open the temporary bridge at the Mormon Canal in Niobrara, Nebraska.

The 24-foot-wide temporary single-lane bridge was completed earlier than the targeted date.

A permanent replacement bridge is planned to be completed in the Summer of 2020.

According to information from the Nebraska Department of Transportation traffic will be managed through the use of a temporary traffic signal that will allow traffic to cross the bridge one direction at a time.

Click here for more information on the project.




Blake Branch

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