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1,000 people have searched for missing South Dakota girl

ROCKERVILLE, South Dakota (AP) – The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office says the search for Serenity Dennard has involved more than 1,000 people who have logged more than 4,300 miles since the young girl disappeared in February.

Sheriff Kevin Thom says it’s frustrating that they haven’t found the 9-year-old girl, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop looking. Another search was conducted last Thursday.

The Rapid City Journal says about 35 people from multiple local and regional agencies searched in the area where Serenity was last seen.

The girl ran away from the Black Hills Children’s Home near Rockerville on the cold and snowy day of Feb. 3 in a mountainous and forested area.

The searches since then have also included 91 dogs and their handlers and seven aircraft. Sheriff’s investigators say they’ve chased 195 leads in 15 states.

Associated Press

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