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Backpacks with school supplies help Hornick area kids prepare for school

HORNICK, Iowa (KTIV) – The lives of the folks living in Hornick, Iowa, are a step closer to normal following spring flooding that forced the town’s evacuation.

Monday, each school-age child in the Hornick area got a backpack full of school supplies.

The Salvation Army of Siouxland distributed the backpacks during a community cookout.
Along with the backpack of supplies, each student got a $100 gift card to go toward things like back-to-school clothes.
The goal is to identify the people affected by March flooding, and give them the tools they need to overcome the adversity they’re facing.

“It saves them the cost of going out and buying the many things that are needed for kids to go back to school and be successful. And it saves them the money so they can put that money towards other things that they need like repairing their homes.” said Captain Chris Clarke, Salvation Army of Siouxland.

Many of the supplies given out tonight were donated by Siouxlanders.
They were gathered during the Salvation Army’s recent “Stuff the Bus” campaign with Walmart.

Travis Hoffer

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