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Frost praises better attitude at fall practice

LINCOLN, Nebraska (KTIV) — For a team coming off of a four-win season, Nebraska is getting a lot of attention. The Huskers are 26th in the coaches poll and they’re 24th in the Sports Illustrated poll. There seems to be a whole different attitude in Lincoln.

Head coach Scott Frost lost his first six games last season but won four of his last six. Frost had a losing season in his first year at Central Florida — then went 13-0 in year two. Not many people are expecting the Huskers to go undefeated this season, but Frost is definitely seeing improvement.

“Every position looks better than it did a year ago. Practice looks better than it did a year ago,,” said Frost. “I’m having a lot of fun coaching this team. A year ago, there were times it was hard coaching the team last year. This year everyone shows up with a smile on their face. I don’t see one person I don’t want to talk to. This is a fun team to coach. It’s up to us as coaches and players to make sure that improvement leads to success.”

Nebraska’s defense was not good in 2018. The Huskers ranked 93rd in the country, giving up over 430 yards per game. Frost wants more toughness in practice, but there’s a fine line between toughness and carelessness.

“We’ve been a little too reckless,” said Frost. “It’s not everybody but that can lead to injuries on the field. You’ve got to be able to practice like a pro and take care of each other. But I would much rather have a team where I have to say slow down a little bit than one that we’re trying to get to go faster.”

Nebraska’s opener is August 31 against South Alabama. The Huskers go to Colorado in week two.

Brad Pautsch

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