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MercyOne Siouxland “Love Your Feet” screening event on Thursday, August 15

Sioux City (KTIV) — Jenna Rehnstrom-Liberto of MercyOne Siouxland and Dr. Phinit Phisitkul, with Tri-State Specialists, stopped by the KTIV studios to discuss an upcoming screening event called “Love Your Feet.”

“We’re excited. It’s this Thursday. It’s called Love Your Feet. It’s at the Delta Hotels By Marriott, South Sioux City, (NE),” said Rehnstrom-Liberto. “It starts at 5:30 p.m., social event during the first part. We want to get the public some great information about these cutting-edge techniques by our talented physicians in our community. And Dr. Phisitkul is going to talk about minimally invasive bunion surgery he’s able to do.”

“This is a new technique that has been refined over and over,” said Dr. Phisitkul. “It actually allows a full bunion correction to be performed, compared to a 6- to 10-centimeter incision, which is about this big, through a 3-millimeter incision. Those small poke holes can allow small instruments to go in and fix the bunion and fix it with good stability so that we let patients start walking on day one.”

“Patients after surgery can use crutches for balance and start putting, usually 50-percent weight-bearing on it right away. It’s easier for them and actually most of them report minimal pain, or no pain at all after the surgery,” added Dr. Phisitkul.

“We know there are probably a lot of women and men in the community, who have heard about this, who want a little more information. And at MercyOne Siouxland we are just excited when there is an innovative new way to look at health care. We want to make it fun as well. You will get free flip flops. And it’s free to attend,” added Rehnstrom-Liberto.



Stella Daskalakis

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