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Woodbury County Sheriff drone used in ‘geocaching’ discovery on Highway 20

MOVILLE, Iowa (KTIV) – Last Friday night, a suspicious object was reported to law enforcement after it was discovered along Highway 20 in Moville, Iowa.

Authorities eventually determined it was not dangerous and part of a game called “geocaching.”

Before authorities knew what it was, they blocked all lanes of Highway 20 and rerouted traffic from the scene.

The Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office investigated.

Sheriff’s Office personnel used the agency’s drone to assess the situation from above.

“We had our drone operator come in and fly our drone up to it, he was able to get some pictures, and that only increased our concern. So, we called the state Fire Marshal, they have the expertise in exploding devices, explosives, and things like that,” said Major Tony Wingert, with the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office.

The object discovered by authorities is part of a game called “geocaching,” where objects– tracked by G-P-S– are hidden in public places.

Wingert says there was no danger to the public.

Connor Foster

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