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Fire truck now a food truck at Iowa State Fair

Des Moines, Iowa (KTIV) —  Every year, the Iowa State Fair offers everyone’s favorites, plus a few new attractions, and what you’re looking for, doesn’t always come in the expected package.

The apparatus on this big red machine is shined up for Iowa State Fair-goers.

“We’re hoping it draws more people in from being different,” said Melissa Loof, Co-Owner, “Tortilla 911.”

“This may look like a real cool fire truck, but it’s actually a food truck,” said Stella Daskalakis.

“We bought a fire truck online. Brought it home. A friend of mine and I took the back off and turned it into a food truck,” said Doug Loof, Co-Owner, “Tortilla 911.”

Doug and Melissa Loof of Ames, Iowa, call this big, red, shiny machine, Tortilla 911, and it’s at this Fair for the very first time.

“We have fire hydrants, tables. We’re just excited to be here,” said Melissa Loof.

The workers in the mobile kitchen stay busy preparing menu items such as peach empanadas and fried tacos.

“I sure like ’em to be like, when they eat it, they’re like, oh yeah. They shake their head up and down. That’s what I want,” said Doug Loof.

Fair-goers definitely have their favorites so we checked in with a few of them to see what they think about the new kid on the block.

“Mmmm. Very good. But definitely put the hot sauce on. Awesome! I like the fried shell,” said one man at the Iowa State Fair.

“Yeah. I really like the fried shell,” said another man at the Iowa State Fair.

Whether it’s fried shells or something else, those who attend the Iowa State Fair always seem to find their way through the whirlwind of offerings. The food alone can keep fair-goers occupied for days.

It is another reason to come back to the Iowa State Fairgrounds next year.

Tortilla 911 can be found across from the amusement park rides at the Iowa State Fair. Of course, there are many other food vendors from which to choose. The Iowa State Fair continues through this Sunday.



Stella Daskalakis

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