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Michael Foods donates $50,000 to help with Humpty Dumpty Daycare expansion

WAKEFIELD, Nebraska (KTIV) – Michael Foods made a significant donation to Humpty Dumpty Daycare in Wakefield, Nebraska.

The Humpty Dumpty Daycare received a $50,000 donation from the company to create an expansion on the northside of the daycare.

The nearly 2,000 square foot expansion will add a few daycare rooms, a kitchen space, and a breakroom for the employees.

Humpty Dumpty has been at their capacity of 45 kids for a number of years. Officials say this donation will allow them to take on 10-20 more kids depending on the age range.

A board member of the daycare says he’s thankful for the donation that will not only help Michael Foods but the whole community.

“Yeah, it’s huge for us. Dependable childcare has been a need for a lot of years, so we’re really thankful that Michael Foods identified something that would not only help their employees but everyone else in the community too,” Zach Dolen, Vice President of Board for Humpty Dumpty Daycare.

Brady Weaver, an operations manager with Michael Foods, says they have identified three key issues with fully staffing their facility including housing shortage, the lack of a grocery store, and enough daycare.

Weaver adds many of their workers have to drive out of town to find daycare.

“Thirty-five percent of our employees have kids in this daycare, and there are parents that work at our facility that are having to go out of town for daycare so we are trying to help expand and grow this daycare so they can stay in town,” said Weaver.

The expansion is expected to be up and operational by Spring.

Brett Funke

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