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Sen. Joni Ernst discusses trade deals and how they are affecting farmers

(KTIV) – Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst was visiting Siouxland on Thursday during her yearly visits to all 99 Iowa counties.

Ernst spoke to KTIV morning anchor Al Joens about the issues affecting farmers. She says during her town hall visits across Iowa, farmers say they are concerned about the trade war with China and the Renewable Fuel Standard program.

The trade war with China has been ongoing since March 2018, while earlier this month President Donald Trump granted biofuel waivers to 31 small oil refineries. But Ernst says farmers are still in favor of the Trump administration’s decisions.

“Right now farmers are hanging tight,” said Ernst. “But, if we don’t straighten out what’s going on with those small refinery exemptions that, on top of trade, it does make it difficult for a farmer. So we’ll keep pressing those issues with the administration and hopefully end of with a really good deal.”

Ernst says when Congress is back in session the first topics they will discuss are gun control, trade deals and the cost of healthcare.

Dean Welte

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