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The Sioux City Police Department announces the return of bike patrols

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Some Sioux City Police officers are trading in their cars… for bikes.

Monday, The Sioux City Police Department announced the return of bike patrols.

Twenty police officers have been trained to patrol the streets on bicycles.

The Police Department purchased five bikes through a grant provided by The Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The bicycles are fully equipped with a trauma kit, and a first aid kit donated by Mercy One Siouxland Medical Center.

Police officials say that while on the bikes, enforcement action can be taken if needed, but their main focus is to build a relationship with the community.

“It gives a chance to get out of the cars and just get near people so that way we can get on the trails or in the neighborhoods places that we typically wouldn’t always get to be and have easier contact with people when we are in the cars we are just kinda zipping by, but on the bikes we can take a little bit more time, stop, say hi get to meet and greet some of the kids in the neighborhood, talk to the adults that live in the neighborhood,” said Sgt. Jeremy McClure.

As of right now, the bikes will be used mainly on HUD development areas, but if needed they can patrol anywhere in the city.

The officers will use the bikes just as they would one of the vehicles but are required to wear helmets.

“The rules for riding a bicycle are the same as they would be for driving a car. When you come to a red light you have to stop for a red light. When you come to a stop sign you have to stop for a stop sign, you have to signal. Bikes are required to have a headlight just like a car does,” said Officer Shawn Robinson, Sioux City Police Department.

Officer Robinson also says they’ve had a great response from the community since bringing out the bicycles.

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