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U.S. Senator Mike Rounds, of South Dakota hosted a Field Hearing focused on spring flooding in the Missouri River Basin

NORTH SIOUX CITY, South Dakota (KTIV) – U.S. Senator Mike Rounds, of South Dakota, was in North Sioux City, today, to host a Field Hearing focused on spring flooding in the Missouri River Basin.

The purpose of the event, at North Sioux City City Hall, was to allow people to question Army Corps Of Engineers leaders about their river management plan, whether its working, and what changes may need to be made.

The hearing also gave Army Corps officials the opportunity to explain what caused the flooding that lead to significant damage in Iowa and Nebraska.

Army Corps officials blame what they call a “bomb cyclone” weather system that brought heavy rains to an area that’s south of Missouri River reservoir system, and the dams that control water flow.

So, they say, they didn’t have anything to hold the water back.

Brigadier General, Peter Helmlinger, tells us what the hearing means for those who were impacted.

“I think it demonstrates the solidarity that we have with them we understand the suffering and damages that many victims have incurred and it shows our commitment as a nation to help get beyond this and help people that are impacted so that they can go on with their lives,” said Peter Helmlinger, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Division.

Army Corps officials say this was a very successful hearing, and hope it will improve the system to reduce flood risk, along the Missouri River, in the future.


Xava Parra

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