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Congressman Steve King discusses biofuel waivers in Milford, Iowa

Milford, Iowa (KUOO) – Congressman Steve King heard from some disgruntled farmers Thursday, August 30, during a town hall meeting in Milford.

According to our news partner KUOO Radio, fears are mounting as more ethanol plants are shutting down.

The closures are due in large part to waivers recently granted by the Trump administration.

Those waivers allow 31 refineries to opt out of blending ethanol with gasoline.

King told the crowd he plans to meet with the President regarding the matter.

“Those discussions with me and the President will take place in private because I don’t want press stories that under cut him,” said Rep. Steve King. “I want him to have the strongest hand possible but I want him to have the strongest convictions in favor the promises he’s made to us also handy.”

King was also asked the ongoing trade dispute with China.

He says over time, the dispute could actually wind up opening new markets for producers.

KTIV Staff

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