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Juul warned over claims e-cigarettes safer than smoking

(NBC News) – Federal health officials are warning Juul over how they are marketing its e-cigarettes.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning letter to the vaping giant, saying the company has promoted its products as being a safe alternative to cigarettes.

According to the agency some of this marketing took place in schools.

The FDA letter highlights an incident recounted by two New York high school students during a congressional hearing in July.

The students said a representative of Juul was invited to address the school on addiction issues. During the presentation, the representative told students the company’s product was “totally safe.”

Juul says it discontinued its school programs last September.

Companies must receive regulatory approval from the FDA before marketing a product as being less harmful than cigarettes and Juul has not.

The company has 15 days to respond, but in a statement it says it was “reviewing the letters and will fully cooperate.”

NBC News

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