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Local truckers celebrate “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week”

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – More than 32-million truck drivers deliver America’s freight, safely and securely every day.

Thursday, Great West Casualty Company and Joe Morten & Son, Inc. showed professional truck drivers just how important they are by hosting a truck appreciation event.

Great West teamed up with other local companies to provide free lunch, health checks, and giveaways for the drivers.

“A lot of times we take for granted all of the abundance we have in this country you know we go to the grocery store, we go to different stores and everything is available for us and really its to men and women of the trucking industry that deliver all of this for us,” said John Joines, Vice President of Safety Services with Great West Casualty Company. “Whether its groceries, furniture we need for our house, the cars we drive they are really kinda unsung heroes.”

John Joines adds, without truck drivers, America would not be able to function.

“When we see a big truck we need to think hey if it wasn’t for them their would be no groceries, no products in the stores and its a tough job some of these guys are on the road away from their families so we just think that its important that we all thank them,” Jackie Foster, Marketing Manager for Midwest Peterbilt.

The celebration is part of National Truck Driver Appreciation week.

The event has been a tradition in Sioux City for more than 20 years.

Xava Parra

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