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Sioux City’s water system violated drinking water standard

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – City leaders say Sioux City’s water system recently violated a drinking water standard.

On August 21, Sioux City Water Supply received testing results that showed the system exceeded the standard level for total Trihalomethanes.

Sioux City Water Supply says the average level of that compound over the last year was nearly one milligram per liter, which exceeds the standard total.

People who drink water containing too much of the compound, over several years, may experience health risks with their liver, kidneys, or central nervous systems.

Sioux City Water Supply said citizens do not need to use an alternative water supply, but can consult with a  doctor if they have specific health concerns.

“We are taking all the precautions necessary, but again they would have to drink this water for a number of years before they started to even potentially see health effects, you know we always err on the extreme side of caution to be sure that with drinking water that its safe,” Mark Simms, the Utilities Director of Sioux City.

Sioux City Water Supply said the problem should be resolved within the next couple weeks.

Read the full letter here: Water-Treatment-Plant-TTHM-Public-Notice-8-22-19-003

Xava Parra

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