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River levels in Rock Valley, Iowa, expected to reach flood stage this weekend

ROCK  VALLEY, Iowa (KTIV) – Leaders with the City of Rock Valley say they are monitoring the Rock River, and are prepared if an emergency situation arises.

“We had a flood committee meeting this morning, that the mayor called. With the weather that South West Minnesota received, it’s going to impact the Rock River,” said Tom Van Maanen, the City Administrator of Rock Valley.

According to the National Weather Service the Rock River at Rock Valley is expected to rise slightly above 18 feet by Sunday, putting it into moderate flood levels.

For the National Weather Service’s Rock River projections click here. 

City officials say berms from the flooding earlier this year are still in place, and additional flood control methods are as well.

“Our previous flood measures will really minimize what needs to be done at this time, to respond to the flood.” said Van Maanen.

Van Maanen said they are also preparing for low level regions to be flooded.

As a precaution they have asked the Rivers Bend Campground to evacuate by 8 p.m. on Friday.

“One of the things we’ve learned from dealing with the previous floods, it’s a lot easier from the start to plan for a worse flood than what you might actually receive. That way we have all the resources planned, and we have an action plan ready to go,” said Van Maanen.

City leaders recommend residents pay attention to updates from the city for the next few days, and continue to follow the national weather service forecast for the area.

City leaders say at this time, no volunteer action is needed.

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Leslie London

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