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Shelter in Yankton County, SD, offering flood victims a place to eat and sleep

YANKTON COUNTY, South Dakota (KTIV) – A Yankton County shelter and the Red Cross have teamed up to offer flooding victims a place to eat and sleep.

“The Center” at 900 Whiting Drive in Yankton is offering people, who have been displaced due to flooding, a safe place to stay.

Yankton County Emergency Management says more than 50 homes were affected by the flooding, which means, residents had to evacuate.

“Everyone needs a safe place to stay when you’re displaced its very hectic it’s very tragic a lot of people have children that are in school and they just need a safe place to stay and we provide that for them” Becky Eisenbraun, Red Cross Shelter Associate.

The shelter has seen about a dozen residents, and staffers say they will remain open as long as necessary.

Xava Parra

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