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Dakota Dunes CID continues to encourage residents to relocate


Late Monday night, the national Weather Service brought down the expected crest of the Missouri River at Sioux City. The river will crest late Tuesday night, or early Wednesday morning, at 30.3 feet. That’s down from the earlier prediction of 30.8 feet.

DAKOTA DUNES, South Dakota (KTIV) –  Leaders in Dakota Dunes continue to warn residents about river elevations.

The latest notice from The Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District continues to encourage residents to relocate in order to remain safe.

Supervisors say the National Weather Service has not changed its Missouri River forecast.

As a result, the rising river levels will likely make it to the top of the riverbank protection.

“Maybe it doesn’t effect all neighborhoods, but with the uncertainty we can’t tell. We want to make sure that people have an opportunity and know that relocation is the preferred option,” Jeff Dooley, Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District Manager said.

According to several residents, some are choosing to stay in local hotels while others are relocating to campsites.

Leaders say the peak river level will last about 24 hours, but residents are being advised to relocate for up to five days, to ensure maximum safety.

For today’s update from the Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District Board of Supervisors click here.


Libbie Randall

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