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Flooding in Renner, SD, has led to homes being evacuated

RENNER, S.D. (KDLT) – Flooding in Renner, South Dakota has led to homes and businesses being evacuated as water from the Big Sioux River has made its way to town.

The main road into Renner is still under water.

So Donny Latham decided his jet-ski would have to do.

His town is in recovery mode.

Homes are damaged.

Basements are flooded and front yards look more like ponds.

Homeowners must wait for the water levels to go down to start cleaning.

Last Friday houses went from completely dry to flooded in the matter of only a few hours.

“Two hours it was right up in the house. Just fast water coming up there, I never expected it. I thought a little bit down there then it came up terribly,” said Art Rasmussen, Renner resident.

Homeowners are hoping the rain stays away so they can start rebuilding as soon as they can.

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