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Nearly 900 5th graders get a sneak peak of the Missouri River Expo in Ponca, NE

PONCA, Nebraska (KTIV) – Nearly 900 5th graders also got a sneak peek of the Missouri River Expo.

Elementary schools from around the area had the chance to experience the outdoors with hands-on activities, Friday, at Ponca State Park.

The students were able to enjoy more than 45 interactive outdoor activities, including kayaking, fishing, and some of the kids met turtles.

Organizers say the expo is a good way to get children outside, and off of their electronics.

“It’s just good they learn things that they normally wouldn’t see, or get to touch you know the animals and stuff that they get to touch like the fishing, they’ve never seen a fish before and they get to touch the fish and its just a great time. They have a really good time, I know the kids like getting out of school,” said Pat Moore, a volunteer with the Missouri River Expo.

School Day Invitational is held every Friday before Missouri River Outdoor Expo weekend.

The Missouri River Expo will be taking place September 21-22 at Ponca State Park.

Xava Parra

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