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South Sioux City students start House Construction Project

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska (KTIV)- Students from South Sioux City High School are designing, building and selling a home in partnership with the City of South Sioux City.

South Sioux City High School students are putting down their textbooks and picking up shovels.

“We’re building a real home, for real people, using a real labor force,” said South Sioux City Schools Superintendent, Todd Strom.

The corner of D Street and Riverview Drive is home to new real estate, thanks to students who are learning as they build.

“It’s a great project,” said Joe Krajicek, C-Tech Instructor at SSC High School. “There’s nothing more relevant that we can do for kids then get them actually working on a site. You can show them textbooks, you can do little things in class, but until they actually put their hands on it and see, they’re not really learning.”

More than 30 students will have direct involvement with the house construction program over the course of this school year.

“This project will allow them to work side-by-side with the professionals that have been doing this for years,” said Strom. “The skilled workforce demands of our community are high, and this will hopefully help solve some of those,” said Strom.

The students will learn many trades-

Including design, architecture, plumbing and much more.

“We’re laying down the Styrofoam and then the Styrofoam holds the concrete and we’re making concrete homes,” Omar Ponce, Senior at South Sioux City High School. “Because concrete homes are more indestructible.”

But the benefits don’t stop at the students.

“This home will be sold to a family and they’ll have a beautiful home,” adds Strom.

“I really hope that I can build at home that someone will love one day,” said Ponce.

All of the students in the program have completed their OSHA certification.

Proceeds from the sale of the home will go toward constructing the next home.

Jennifer Lenzini

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