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Ministry leader speaks at 23rd Annual Bishop’s Dinner

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska (KTIV)- Sunday night, many Siouxlanders flocked to the Delta Center Hotel, in South Sioux City for the 23rd Annual Bishop’s Dinner for Catholic Schools.

It’s the largest fundraiser benefiting 16 Catholic school systems throughout Northwest Iowa.

The guest speaker, Ennie Hickman, is one of the most respected and sought-after ministry leaders in America.

His speech was geared towards the night’s theme, “Set Your Faith on Fire!”

“Moving faith into something we simply claim or belive into something that takes an active role in your life and the way that you behave,” said Ennie Hickman, Bishop’s Dinner Guest Speaker.

His hope was to have people leaving feeling encouraged.

He stressed that we shouldn’t simply talk about our faith, but practice it.

“Everyday, no matter where we are,” said Hickman. “Whether we’re in a teaching role, or simply in the line at the grocery store, the encouragement would be to look within your 10ft. radius to see who you can encourage, empower, form, and love.”

Hickman credits his foundation in faith to his parents who sent him to Catholic school.

He also gives thanks to the teachers and coaches who formed him in the way of discipleship– but not necessarily from the classroom.

“My formation didn’t always come in the form of the liturgies, or even the theology or religion classes,” adds Hickman. “It was more through my mentors, and certain teachers, certain coaches, obviously my parents.”

100% of the proceeds from Sunday night’s dinner are being distributed back to the catholic schools in the form of educational enhancement grants.

Jennifer Lenzini

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