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Eastern Iowa police department adding cameras to their guns

HIAWATHA, Iowa (KWWL) – Police body camera footage has become critical in modern police work, especially when a weapon is involved

One eastern Iowa police department will have a new point-of-view when it comes to reviewing footage from the field.

The Hiawatha Police Department is getting weapon-mounted cameras that will be placed underneath each firearm’s barrel.

“What this does is the weapons mounted camera, it puts the camera right out front to where there isn’t any obstruction. So during a critical incident, the camera isn’t going to be blocked by forearms or you know the weapons itself,” said Hiawatha Police Chief Dennis Marks.

The camera is automatic and will immediately start recording once the gun is pulled from its holster.

“The weapon-mounted cameras, it is actually in the standby position all of the time in the holster. As soon as the officer draws their weapon from the holster the camera automatically starts recording,” said Chief Marks

The cameras will be used along with the six other cameras already watching the officers’ actions.

From the five in their squad cars to the officers’ personal body cameras.

Each weapon-mounted camera costs about $500 and all of the department’s 14 full-time officers will be equipped with the tool.

No tax dollars were used to purchase the cameras.

The police chief said they were all paid for with money seized from a local drug bust.

NBC News

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