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Wayne State announces the largest single scholarship gift in the college’s history

WAYNE, Nebraska (KTIV) – Wayne State College announces the largest single scholarship gift in the college’s history.

Wayne State College made the announcement they received a 1.8 million dollar donation from the Gardner Foundation on Thursday.

The news was shared at the school’s annual scholarship luncheon in the Kanter Student Center.

The donation will be used for athletic and academic scholarships.

It will also be used for the conversion of the college’s Natatorium into an Indoor Complex.

“51% of our students are first-generation college students and so scholarships matter you know they are looking at the cost of education we try to keep it affordable, but at the end of the day after you look at federal financial aid packages, and after you like at even working, there’s still a gap and so these scholarships fill that gap,” said Dr. Marysz Rames, President of Wayne State College.

According to Wayne State staff, the Gardner Foundation has provided strong financial support in every fundraising initiative launched by Wayne State.

“It’s like a weight is lifted off your chest, it’s really humbling that someone could think that much of you and maybe not even necessarily know you for them to give their hard-earned money to you,” said Cade Kalkowski, Student.

Kalkowski adds the donations give students the opportunity to succeed, and that’s an amazing gift.


Xava Parra

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