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Dakota City honors fallen firefighters through “Bells Across America”

DAKOTA CITY, Nebraska (KTIV) – Bells Across America is an event to highlight the ultimate sacrifice firefighters make when they died in the line of duty.

Sunday, the Dakota City Fire Department honored their fallen brothers by ringing their own bell.

The tradition of bell-ringing among fire departments is typically done during funerals and memorial services.
Sunday’s events act as an added reminder.

Dakota City honored three of their own who have died while on duty.

“It’s important for us to remember and honor fallen firefighters, not only our three that we had in Dakota City in the previous years, but it’s a nice time to honor, respect, and reflect on their lives that they made,” said Chief Clint Rasmussen with the Dakota City Fire Department.

Various fire rescue officials, friends and family members of former firefighters, and relatives of the fallen were in attendance.

Lowell Satterwhite went on his last call with the Dakota City Fire Department on September 10, 2016.

His grandson, Cole, was there to honor his grandfather and his ultimate sacrifice.

Cole said he appreciates what the Dakota City Fire Department has done for his grandpa and other fallen firefighters like him.

“These celebrations mean everything. It’s incredible what this fire department does for my family. The funeral was the best funeral in the world and they continue to help us out every year. With this fire department, we’re always in contact, we’re always at soup dinners always helping them out. It’s just a big family here at the fire department” said Cole.

As family extended out to so many people, it’s easy to see why so many Dakota City Residents honor and celebrate the lives of those who have fallen.

“I remember my grandpa as one serving the community always and he loved Dakota City. My grandpa is definitely a hero, every day,” said Cole.

Libbie Randall

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