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City leaders approve purchase of historic building, sale of Sunnybrook lots

SIOUX CITY (KTIV)- The Sioux City City Council approved the sale of a couple of lots in the Sunnybrook Village, Monday night.

Sunnybrook Village is a newer Morningside-area housing development.

The development group is selling a couple of the lots of the Sunnybrook area to a real estate investor.

Back in November of 2015, the city council approved the development of a major new mixed-use shopping center and residential development in the Sunnybrook area.

The development is located along the east side of Sunnybrook Drive.

It includes approximately 64 acres, with about 18 acres of residential, and 46 acres of commercial, to be built in phases.

At past council meetings, citizens have raised a concern about the 4-way stop on Sunnybrook Drive.

Their solution is a proposed stoplight.

But, Mayor Bob Scott says that’s just not possible at this time.

“Car counts don’t really warrant it at this particular point in time,” said Mayor Bob Scott, Sioux City. “I know it can be a pain trying to get in and out of there once in a while, but it’s not any worse than a lot of other areas.”

The city council also approved the city’s purchase of the historic Badgerow Building.

But, city leaders wanted to stress that this doesn’t mean that the city is in the development business.

The city approved the purchase of the building from the Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust Company in the amount of $750,000.

The bank was the mortgage holder and purchased the property as a result of a foreclosure action.

Mayor Bob Scott stresses that the city is not getting into the development business.

But, he trusts that the interested parties will do a good job of bringing the historic building back to life.

“Before we bought the building we made contact with a couple of developers to see what their interest would be,” said Mayor Bob Scott, Sioux City. “They expressed a real interest in the building if the city was willing to work with them on that project. Rather than let that building maybe go to a developer that we don’t know, or may not build what we think should be there, we went ahead and worked with the Bank to acquire it.”

The city council approved a Sioux City Police Department request to buy body armor for its sworn members.

The department asked city leaders to approve the purchase of the armor in the amount of approximately $8,500, for 20 pieces of armor.

Officials say the funding is used by the department to purchase body armor for new officers.

It also pays up to 50-percent of the purchase price for current officers replacing out-of-date body armor.

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