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One more mild day before big changes

The day started with warm temperatures for this time of year and we will stay mild for one more day as we top out near 70 degrees.

This will be in spite of increasing cloud cover through the day.

Winds will be similar to yesterday with gusts up to 35 mph possible.

A shower or two will be possible in the afternoon but it is more likely that we see some scattered showers and thunderstorms from the evening into the overnight hours.

Those carry into Thursday morning where we will be starting off with temperatures in the 50s.

As the front moves through, though, temperatures will drop off drastically as we end up near 40 degrees by the afternoon.

It stays windy with showers likely through the day.

We may even mix in some light snow out west by the evening hours.

If enough dry air moves in higher in the atmosphere there may be a bit of freezing drizzle as well, mainly west of Highway 81.

A bit of light rain and snow linger into Friday morning with raw conditions for the rest of the day.

A freeze is likely Friday night and even possible by Thursday night, likely ending the growing season for many.

Jaret Lansford

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