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Experts say it’s important to check furnaces as the weather changes

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – With the first cold snap of the season, some people are turning on their furnace for the first time and sometimes, waiting too long to turn on the heat can be a risk.

Furnace safety is important to keep in mind as many transition their thermostat from AC to heat.

To prevent fire hazards, furnace experts say to keep the area near your furnace and space heaters clear.

This will ensure nothing gets overheated, and minimizes your risk of burning material in your home.

They also say it is best to clean the filter in your furnace.

Routine maintenance on home heating units helps eliminate problems that may arise once it’s turned on for the first time in the season.

Experts say if a furnace seems to be broken, or not working correctly, there are several steps people can take to fix it and heat their home as soon as possible.

“So some simple things; they need to make sure the breaker is on, that there is power to the furnace, cycle through the thermostat a couple of times, and if they still have a problem, then again, they should call a reputable company. Safety is always important and we don’t want anybody to get into any trouble,” said Bruce Kalin, President and Owner of Kalins Indoor Comfort.

If you experience a burning smell when you first turn on your heat, experts say it is, more than likely, a result of dust and other particles from the air that have settled over the heat exchanger and cause that odor.

Those furnace experts also say the furnace is like the “lungs” of a house.

That’s why it’s so important to get it routinely serviced.

Libbie Randall

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